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Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd, is an organization with a strong social activity. With sponsorships and contributions to voluntary organizations for children with special needs, put its own bit to the relief effort to those who really need it.

Radiomarathon for Children with Special Needs


Radiomarathon for children with special needs is the biggest love event in Cyprus.

This is an institution that embraced by the Cypriot public and has provided millions of Euros to help individuals, institutions and special schools for people with mental retardation.

Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd gives every year its contribution in Radiomarathon contributing to the whole effort to integrate, children with special needs, in society.

Auction HYVA International

In 2005, Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd, attended and offered at a charity auction organized by the HYVA International for collecting and sending funds to Third countries for the construction of Natural Water Pumping Stations and the construction of Lavatories for 35 villages in the city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) India.

Sponsorship of Football Teams




The Youth is perhaps the most vulnerable social group. With little experience, young people looking for idols and ideals from a society which is very difficult to provide.

The challenges are many and easily anyone can roll on paths of no return.

Sport has proven positive impact on young people. It helps them improve their confidence, putting targets, improve themselves, become a team with common interests.

By supporting these initiatives, Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd, has been sponsoring two football teams: the FC Wolvega in Holland in 2002 and the team of the New Generation Tersefanou in 2005.





The use of drugs by young people in particular, is one of the biggest problems of the Cypriot society, which gives a great battle for its suppression. Governmental and independent organizations are trying various measures to support the addicts and their families in their efforts to distance themselves from dependency.

Helping to succeed on this, Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd, was in 2008, the main Sponsor of the event of the “Association of Relatives and Friends of Addicted Persons” in Cyprus.



Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd, supply the Cyprus market with spare parts and accessories for trucks & trailers. The main clientele of the company are the Owners of Trucks, Trailers, Service & Repair Centers, which it supports.

Over the past four years, Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd, is the main sponsor of the Dinner & Dance annual events of the “Association of Owners of Motor Vehicle Garages” POVEK in the Larnaca district.