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In Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd, we try to operate & maintain an organization capable of hearing the needs of the professional driver. We live with them on a daily basis, drive the truck, we became a partner and provided them with the best that exist in the world market.

Our success is due to the trust and preference given to us by our partners.

The professional drivers of trucks, trailers, skip loaders, the companies who have chosen the cooling systems and others who have collaborated with us, we have all embrace and have raised the name of Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd at the top.

Thank you!!!

The recognition of qualifying, today Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd, among Professionals, engages us with more responsibilities. Our efforts to redeem this recognition continues daily. Evidence thus extending the network of our suppliers to prestigious companies on the procurement of products and spare parts of excellent quality. The immediate plan is to create new offices and warehouses in the Larnaca district to meet the needs of drivers in the city and province and as well as the free area of Famagusta district.

We also aim to improve customer service through our technical support centers of the company.

Tiger Springs (Manufacturers) Ltd has a history of 25 years now and continues. With the same enthusiasm and the same slogan : “Behind Your Every Move…Is Our Care”.